Synga Pre-mounted Glass Denudation Pipettes

Synga are a Czech based manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience producing high quality glass soft denudation pipettes. Synga has been developed by a team of experienced embryologists and design engineers using cutting edge technologies.

  • Pipettes offer a range of dimensions (130 – 250 μm Ø) suitable for denudation and cell manipulation.
  • Ready to use – no assembly required.
  • Individually packed with a bulb already pre-mounted.
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly perforated blister packed pouch system.
  • Colour coded bulbs facilitates easy identification of pipette sizes.
  • High quality borosilicate glass minimises the risk of oil sticking to the inner surface.
  • Each pipette is tested to ensure specific tolerances and glass-free fragments.
  • Sterile and MEA tested.
  • CE Marked.
SG-130L-20X-Bl Denudation SG Pipette LONG 130 130µm
SG-130L-50 Denudation SG Pipette LONG 130 130µm
SG-130S-50 Denudation SG Pipette 130 130µm
SG-140L-50 Denudation SG Pipette LONG 140 140µm
SG-140S-50 Denudation SG Pipette 140 140µm
SG-145S-50 Denudation SG Pipette 145 145µm
SG-150L-50 Denudation SG Pipette LONG 150 150µm
SG-150P-50 Oocyte Vitrification Pipettes 150µm

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