Spring-Cut Semi-automatic soft tissue biopsy needle

SPRING-CUT® represents the latest generation of semi-automatic guillotine-type biopsy needles. Its exclusive features single it among all other biopsy devices in the same category.

  • SPRING-CUT® can be easily operated with one hand making it ideal for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance
  • Stylet advance button remains locked during penetration: simpler manoeuvre, increased safety during the biopsy procedure, enhanced sensibility upon penetration
  • Pre-determinated bioptic depth (10-20mm): adapting to the lesion size.
  • Canula and stylet completely removable: control of specimen size and possibility of multiple biopsies (prostate mapping).
  • Stronger mechanism: reliable cutting of the most compact tissue
  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes and centimetre lengths
  • Colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) selection
  • Sterile, single patient use
  • Specific Introducer needle for multiple co-axial procedures is available (reference: Sterylab product series AGM)
  • Meets International accreditation standards – ISO 9001:2008 / CE Marked

Spring-Cut® is available in the following releases:
Spring-Cut® Plus – Needle made from ECHONOX®
Spring-Cut® DC – with detachable cannula for single-access multiple procedures
Spring-Cut® SET-TAC – specific set with less invasive introducer needle for co-axial procedure under CT scanning

Sterylab Multi-Core Plus (Echonox®)
Code Gauge Ømm
MLC1411+ 2.0 11
MLC1415+ 2.0 15
MLC1420+ 2.0 20
MLC1425+ 2.0 25
MLC1611+ 1.6 11
MLC1615+ 1.6 15
MLC1620+ 1.6 20
MLC1625+ 1.6 25
MLC1811+ 1.2 11
MLC1815+ 1.2 15
MLC1820+ 1.2 20
MLC1825+ 1.2 25
MLC2011+ 0.9 11
MLC2015+ 0.9 15
MLC2020+ 0.9 20
MLC2025+ 0.9 25

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