Kitazato Pre-Curved Catheters

Kitazato offers a wide variety of embryo transfer catheters capable of covering any need under any circumstance. Select from a broad range of embryo transfer catheters designed to meet all healthcare requirements. Kitazato design their catheters to offer preferred handling, accuracy and control during embryo transfer procedures.

Thanks to its 30º curve and its characteristic flexibility, the Kitazato Precurved Catheters provide an easy and atraumatic navigation through the cervical channel in any kind of anatomy

  • Tip with a rounded bulb to reduce trauma during the insertion.
  • 30º curvature and high flexibility for easy navigation in the cervical canal in all kinds of anatomy.
  • Supported catheter to facilitate insertion in the guide.
  • Superior smoothness and friction-free materials for the comfort of the patient during the transfer.
  • Approximation marks on the guide and catheter for greater precision in the transfer.
  • Stopper for holding the guide at the desired depth.
  • Obturator available for keeping the guide free of cervical mucus during the insertion.
  • Stylets available for difficult transfers.
  • Available in 3Fr and 4Fr in lengths of 22cm and 25cm.
  • Available with a straight tip, without bulb.

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