Kitazato Biopsy Pipettes

For removing a blastomere cell, trophectoderm cells or polar body for preimplantation genetic testing.

  • Flat tip design to minimize damage to cell membrane
  • Pipette tips are specially polished to protect cell membrane
  • Internal diameter range: from 15 μm to 35 μm
    15 μm for polar body biopsy
    25 μm for trophectoderm biopsy
    30 to 35 μm for blastomere biopsy

Kitazato Biopsy Pipettes high quality micromanipulation pipettes offer accuracy, control and precise manipulation of oocytes and sperm for ART and PGT. These microtools are a product of superior design, manufacturing and testing which assures consistency and continuous quality across the range. A wide choice of sizes and dimensions means all user preferences are catered for.


  • High quality and consistency in manufacture
  • Precise manipulation for ART and PGT
  • Handcrafted by highly skilled professionals
  • Strict quality control with individual inspection of each pipette
  • Co-developed and designed together with major clinics in Japan
  • Packaged individually in easy-to-open colour coded containers
Blastomere Biopsy MT-BPBM-25-30 25 30 Flat
Blastomere Biopsy MT-BPBM-25-35 25 35 Flat
Blastomere Biopsy MT-BPBM-30-30 30 30 Flat
Blastomere Biopsy MT-BPBM-30-35 35 35 Flat
Blastomere Biopsy MT-BPBM-35-30 35 30 Flat
Blastomere Biopsy MT-BPBM-35-35 35 35 Flat
Polar Body Biopsy MT-BPPD-15-30 15 30 Flat
Polar Body Biopsy MT-BPPD-15-35 15 35 Flat
Sold in boxes of 10 units

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