EmbryoShield® Gas Inline Filter for IVF

IVF Prime has over 15 years’ experience in gas filtration and have developed a high quality Inline filter which is the most effective filter to remove VOC and CAC contaminants in CO2 and N2 gas. The EmbryoShield® Inline Filter is developed specifically for the IVF laboratory.


EmbryoShield® Inline Filter utilises active carbon from coconut shell providing 20 times more efficient VOC and CAC absorption compared to coal based active carbon

The active carbon contained in the EmbryoShield® Inline Filter is washed 6 times with sterile ultra-pure water making it safe for medical use. Active carbon is exposed to particle contaminants in the manufacturing process. This washing technique using ultra-pure sterile water significantly lowers these contaminants increasing the absorption efficiency of the EmbryoShield® Inline Filter

EmbryoShield® Inline Filter includes a HEPA filter within the casing that is three times longer than any other inline filter offered to IVF clinics. It is the only FDA approved Inline Filter that filtrates to 0.1µm – all other Inline Filters operate to 0.3µm. Lab gases can contain particles less than 0.3µm

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