ColdStash 47/11 Dewar including VitroStash™ Canister system

ColdStash 47/11 LN2 storage Dewar fitted with 12 VitroStash™ 96mmØ canisters (6 upper / 6 lower) including Roller base and required consumables (short canes / 13mm goblets and plastic protective sleeves).

Capacity: Double your existing 47/11 Dewars with standard canister configuration


Dewar features:

  • 47 litre Dewar made of high strength aluminium alloy
  • Fitted with the 12 x 96mmØ VitroStash™ canister system
  • Stores up to 312 canes/goblet/sleeves safely or 380 canes without sleeves
  • Dewar consumables included in purchase – (1,000 x short canes / 1,000 x goblets / 1,000 x sleeves)
  • Advanced powder coat finish for increased durability
  • A locked-lid switch for safety of preserved sample is optional
  • Leather jacket is standard for protection and ease of transport
  • Service life is five years
  • Temperature and Liquid Level monitor available
  • ColdStash Roller base provided



CE certificate

Conforms to MDD 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive for the EU

Two-year tank warranty and five-year vacuum warrant

Download - Safety VitroStash

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