CellVision 20µm chamber glass counting and motility chamber

CellVision 20µm disposable glass slide with inbuilt 10 x 10 grid with motility counting chamber

The CellVision 20 µm depth slide with inbuilt 10×10 grid and motility chamber offers both concentration and motility assessments which can be performed on the same slide, thus less work, cleaning etc. It is easy to use and gives accurate and reproducible results for both concentration and motility.

Available format:
2 chambers slide (item #: CV1020-102)

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CV1020-102 Brand:

The Dutch company Attain Technologies B.V. (manufacturer of the CellVision, glass disposable counting chambers) was founded in 1996. In 2009 Attain Technologies B.V. started production of CellVision slides in a fully automated, state of art ISO 9001:2008 accredited production facility using patented manufacturing techniques. Continuously developing assembly and quality-control techniques assure the highest quality in terms of the manufacture of CellVision slides.

CellVision slides are designed for use in the following disciplines:

  • Fertility: Human and veterinary semen analysis
  • Haematology: Manual count of Leucocytes, erythrocytes and platelets
  • Tissue culture: Cell concentration count – WBC, RBC, platelet, yeast, fungi, bacteria, spore, algae.
  • Microbiology: Bacteria concentration calculation

CellVision slides are manufactured from cleaned and coated non-toxic glass – ensuring quality sperm and cell motility assessment. Each slide is precision engineered for accurate reproducible results. Fluid-flow designed for optimal cell distribution and a superb clear visualisation of cells.

Mindful of the initial cost outlay of re-usable chambers and their risk to inaccuracy over time together with the workload involved in loading and cleaning, the cost of CellVision slides is cost neutral.

In the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, it is worth considering the benefit of switching to disposable counting chamber slides to reduce user risk of potential contamination.

Features of CellVision slides:

  • CellVision slides are precision engineered for accurate and reproducible results (± 3µm)
  • Easy to use – no changes to your existing laboratory protocols
  • Glued fixed cover slip – no attaching or adjustments required
  • Superb clarity and visualisation of sperm when loaded
  • Fluid-Flow is designed for optimal sperm distribution during chamber loading
  • CellVision slides manufactured from clean non-toxic glass – ensuring quality sperm motility assessment
  • Practical Infection Control – minimal exposure risks using CellVision slides
  • Disposable CellVision single use offers cost benefit savings
  • Meets International accreditation standards – ISO 9001:2008 / CE Marked
  • All CellVision disposable slide counting chambers carry Sperm toxicity testing certification

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