Bioteque Uterine Manipulator

The uterine manipulator is a key instrument in this procedure, providing the correct amount of tissue tension needed for any anatomical surgery. Ideal for Laparoscopic Procedures, Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion, Diagnostic Laparoscopy, Salpingoplasty. is less traumatic. Curved shaft for easy insertion. Ideal for anteverted and retroverted uterus. Unique handle design permits easy viewing of the external of cervical OS. Built-in injector eliminates need for second instrument. No need for tenaculum.

  • Reduced catheter shaft diameter (4.5mm) allows for easy insertion
  • Unique pear-shaped balloon conforms to anatomy and allows for a secure seal of the cervical opening to prevent injection leaks
  • Flexible extension prevents cracking of luer fitting
  • Atraumatic bevelled catheter tip reduces trauma to the uterine wall.
  • 12 per box

Product Code:
UMI 4.0
UMI 4.5K (Adjustable)

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