Bellota SonoCatheter / Uterine Introducing

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The Bioteque Latex-Free 5 French-Bioteque’s Latex-Free Sono Catheter, without a silicone balloon, are useful in evaluating the causes of abnormal bleeding, menstrual disorders, recurrent miscarriage, and unexpected infertility.

Per Box: 25

UIC5F Brand:

The Bellota SonoCatheter / Uterine Introducing device is available in sizes 5Fr and 7Fr and has an integrated stylet that is malleable and can be re-shaped as necessary. The angle can be set to align with the cervical canal. The stiffness is beneficial for restricted or stenotic cervical canal. The placement sheath decreases the need for a tenaculum. The catheter can be used with either saline or water-based contrast media.

  • Sterile, Disposable, Ready to Use.
  • Designed to be minimally invasive.
  • Adjustable cone-shaped positioner maintains catheter placement while minimising leakage of instilled saline at the external cervical os.
  • The distal end of the catheter is balloon less allowing for a more complete view of the uterus during procedure.
  • Does not contain natural rubber Latex and is non-DEHP.
  • 10 per box.
  • ISO13485 Certified & CE Marked.

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