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  • The Bioteque Latex-Free 5 French-Bioteque’s Latex-Free Sono Catheter, without a silicone balloon, are useful in evaluating the causes of abnormal bleeding, menstrual disorders, recurrent miscarriage, and unexpected infertility.

    Per Box: 25

  • Bioteque’s Latex-Free HS Catheter Sets, with a silicone balloon, are useful in evaluating the causes of abnormal bleeding, menstrual disorders, recurrent miscarriage, and unexpected infertility. The device is available in sizes 5Fr and 7Fr and has an integrated stylet that is malleable and can be re-shaped as necessary. The angle can be set to align with the cervical canal. The stiffness is beneficial for restricted or stenotic cervical canal. The placement sheath decreases the need for a tenaculum. The catheter can be used with saline.
    10 per box.

  • BIRR Biosciences offers a wide range of disposable needle guides for transvaginal, rectal biopsies and oocyte retrieval. The disposable designs reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection.

    Compatible with all well-known ultrasound probes. Compatible with well-known endocavity ultrasound probes in the market. All guides accept 16G-18G sizes instruments

    Per Box: 36

  • 16 in stock

    Bioteque Disposable Flexible Dilator (OS Finder) is ideal for nulliparous or post-menopausal patients with cervical stenosis. Gently locates the external OS and dilates the cervical canal for endometrial, intrauterine and hysteroscopic procedures.

    Per Box: 25

  • Endometrial Suction Curette with Flexible Cervical Dilator – Suction is generated by withdrawing an internal piston from within the catheter, and the tissue sample is obtained by twirling the catheter while moving it up and down within the uterine cavity.

    Per Box: 25

  • Gynko® 40cm Flexi-Base working instruments are designed to easily enter the working channel of Gynko® sterile sheath when the sheath is fitted to the Optic. Designed with a “flexi-base”, the first 6cm at the proximal end is flexible allowing the user malleable dexterity at the handle area of the scope – meaning greater control working the instrument

    The Gynko® Flexi-Base is available in scissors or forceps

  • Gynko® is a single use Single Use Disposable sterile polyurethane sheath that fully seals and protects the rigid optic during a hysteroscopy examination. The sheath includes an integrated extendable probe cover protecting the camera/light source during the procedure, thus maintaining sterility, and is replaced with another sheath for the next patient procedure.

  • The MedGyn insemination catheter is a sterile, disposable, flexible catheter designed for use in intrauterine insemination.

    Per Box: 25

  • PCU® is a Dutch based manufacturer of a broad range of sterile and non-sterile endocavity probe covers.

  • Bridea Medical is a Dutch manufacturing company that specialises in innovative design and manufacture of specula. The award-winning designs offer a broad range of choice for all gynaecological procedures. The innovation stems from close collaboration with leading women’s health specialists

    Faster – 50% faster procedure, single-handed operation & locking
    Friendlier – patient-friendly design which never feels cold
    Smoother – soft rounded edges & gap design prevents “pinching”
    Stronger – unbreakable, as tested by NHS SMTP testing facility
    Safer – single use and no risk of tissue trauma

    40 per box

  • The Portable Gynko® Full HD hysteroscopic camera with integrated light source uses USB 3.0 to connect with a laptop or tablet to offer full ambulatory diagnostic and minor operative hysteroscopy from a portable case.

    • Sterile, Disposable, Ready to Use
    • Smooth tip reduces risk of trauma on insertion and removal of catheter
    • Stable placement sheath replaces need for tenaculum
    • Soft, concentric balloon secures above the internal os preventing leakage od sterile saline
    • Designed to be minimally invasive
    • The distal end of the catheter is balloon less allowing for a more complete view of the uterus during procedure
    • Does not contain natural rubber Latex and is non-DEHP
    • Available in 5Fr and 7Fr
    • 10 per box
    • ISO13485 Certified & CE Marked

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