Cryo Storage

Cryopreservation is a process in which human oocytes, embryos and sperm are stored for long periods to be used later. These are frozen and stored Dewar containers in liquid nitrogen at -196° Celsius. Liquid nitrogen dewars make no noise and do not need electricity or back-up generators. They are ideal for biomedical preservation applications including Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART).

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  • ColdStash 47/11 LN2 storage Dewar fitted with 12 VitroStash™ 96mmØ canisters (6 upper / 6 lower) including Roller base and required consumables (short canes / 13mm goblets and plastic protective sleeves).

    Capacity: Double your existing 47/11 Dewars with standard canister configuration

  • ColdStash provide a range of cryostorage consumables which complement the VitroStash Dewar storage requirements:
    VitroStash™ short Cryocanes
    Standard length cryocanes
    13mmØ goblets
    Short cryosleeves
    Standard cryosleeves
    Metal name tag for canes
    Printable Cryogenic labels for cane

  • VitroStash MAX Dewar is an affordable high-capacity cryo-storage Dewar utilising the unique VitroStash™ system. This 95 litre Dewar can store up to 5 times the capacity of standard 47/11 dewars on a footprint just 1.25 times that of a standard 47/11 Dewar.

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