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BIRR Biosciences specialises in the supply of products in Gynaecology with focus on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Their products are innovative and intuitive, helping healthcare professionals provide better, more efficient patient treatment ensuring the very best of care. BIRR Biosciences develops, manufactures and sells (disposable) Gynaecology/ART supplies where our in-depth knowledge and experience enables them to cover the whole process from analysis through to treatment. This has resulted in a broad product range of disposable consumables for the IVF laboratory and the fertility clinic.

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  • BIRR Biosciences offers a wide range of disposable needle guides for transvaginal, rectal biopsies and oocyte retrieval. The disposable designs reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection.

    Compatible with all well-known ultrasound probes. Compatible with well-known endocavity ultrasound probes in the market. All guides accept 16G-18G sizes instruments

    Per Box: 36

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